When I was studying in the school I remember some friends that acted really as very close, they kissed, hugged and had very intimate contact, I was trying to understand why they did so, because they just met after a few days, the best description for this is “friends with benefits”, I think the meaning of friends with benefits is to have a friendship with opposite sex and allow them to do things that only a BOYFRIEND or GIRLFRIEND can do.

What do you think about friend with benefits?

How do friends with benefits start?

Several years ago I had a very good friend (boy) who taught me many things about girls and about the experiences that he had, he also taught me how I shouldn’t approach relationships. When I hang out with him he always wished to have a lot female friends, because that was his nature he could never be alone without a female friend. I met him at the school, and although he acted with women very gentle and always told ladies “I am only searching for friendship”, somehow when he always talked to ladies he always complimented them and acted with them in a touching manner that girls always ended up getting in love with him, and the ladies always ended up having any intimate relationship with him, like kissing, hugging sleeping together and even sex.

How do you normally approach relationships?

Why Friends with Benefits Does not Work

One of the things that I learnt in the way he approached relationships with ladies is that his friendships with girls always ended up in a very disturbing and hurting situation, because either he would get in love with the ladies or ladies would get in love with him, and all ended up in hatred, hurting and emotional pain. I had many doubts about his friendships because he always wanted to have just beauty and never wanted to approach other types of values, and in friends with benefits what works is to be close to just to people who attracts us physically.

Is friends with benefits a mistake?

I think it is a mistake because the heart of the other person can be attached to yours and if you don’t want something serious, the other person may be hurt and there will be uncomfortable issues occurring in your life that you will later on regret, I know people who says,” friends with benefits is OK just for fun”, but my conclusion is that it is like having fun with fire, sooner or later you will burn and end up hurting.