Do not Spit In The Wind, The Free Willy Story

Why Spitting In The Wind Is Not Good But May be Funny

More than 10 years ago I was at my house and my mom is hanging out with her friend William who is very fond of having nice conversations, we always hang out at night, and have fun with the neighbors for we chatted and talked about the news, media and gossiping. Three months later Willian’s son is coming and they introduce him to me, his name is Edison, he was really weird boy who loves to play the guitar every day, on his free time and I had fun with him very often and we went and talk to the lottery seller everyday, her name is Andrea and she is very happy and good mood girl  who is always telling us sad stories of love that she is experiencing and always telling jokes.

The Untold Story Of My Friend Edison

 There was a business in front of the lottery girl called “The Fat Cakes” and there is a girl in there whose name is Paula, then Edison and I kind of wanted to talk to her and be friends, so we went to eat things in there many times and to enjoy sodas, conversations and interact with Paula, we had many amazing moments and stories with Paula.

My friend Edison always laugh of Paula because he said she looked as a whale, and he started mocking her and he nickenamed her “Free Willy” but with other people, he never mocked her directly. As she was very fat and Edison is always telling jokes about her, somehow I saw Edison getting involved with her in friendship as he started visiting her very often and he started seeing her more different than he used to, that he quit hanging out with me and thus she just absorbed him completely.

Paula is a very funny, nice and friendly girl, Edison and Paula became really good friends and I see them everyday talking kind of engaging and they always invited me to eat cake with milk, or soda, guess what? I saw Edison falling in love with her, the one who he called,”Free Willy”and I said”common! what! I don’t get it!” and yes Edison and Paula are now a couple and have a daughter which is unbelievable and I still don’t believe it, then please  Do not spit in the wind!