All cases may apply to men or women so please don’t think that I am in favor of any gender, just read this and think whether it applies to you or not, I hope all this helps you to build healthy relationships in your life.

When Is Flirting right

I think flirting is right for handing signs to the person you like, as sometimes is difficult  for men and women to realize whether a girl or man, likes him or not, therefore flirting just with the person you are interested in, and you’re dreaming about a future relationship is Ok. You shouldn’t flirt with a committed man or girl, or if you already know that he or she is into a relationship. Be careful as flirting may be right or wrong depending on the situation. Flirting with several persons at the same time may bring troubles to your life.

Flirting Is Not Right Always Therefore Take Care of Your Relationships

Everything you do depends on the situation if you have a boyfriend, flirting with other guys or men is kind of disloyal and may bring some negative results in your emotions, and it also may cause really deep hurting into the soul of your couple.  And it will bring consequences that will cause harm to your love relationships.

Flirting Is Definitely Not Right Always

 I know many guys who currently have a girlfriend or wife,  and I have witnessed how they check out other women and start flirting with them, and complimenting them saying beautiful and romantic words to women, they are not being loyal to their relationship, and looks that they don’t mind. There is also another bad practice, some women have a lot of male friends and they start seducing in special ways some boys with their eyes and make them confused thinking that they are interested in them, that is really disgusting because guys get confused and they think that women are interested in something with them, they see the reality that she is like that, a flirty girl or man.

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