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While walking on the streets, I saw a girl who was in a desperate troubling situation, as she was crying so much and thus it made me curious, I decided to stop for a while to see what happened and I got close to her and she shouted,”I hate him with all my heart!” I didn’t want to ask her anything because I felt like it wasn’t my business. But seeing her in this desperate situation touched me so much, and that’s when I decided to start advicing and helping others through all manners like blogs, friends, people and you.

Many Women and Men Are Desperate For Love and Relationships

So I remembered at that moment a friend of mine who recently told me she was getting in love with a man, and she was really happy with him and somehow she just had met him a week ago,  she decided to have a relationship with him and I thought it was too soon to get into a relationship, then  the time passed by and days later she came back to me and said,  “she broke off with him, because she wasn’t the same man as he seemed at first.

How long would you need to get to know someone to start a relationship?

All these situations concerned me so much because when someone is hurt,  normally hurts other people, I have read about guys or women who became crazy because they had a relationship and the other person failed, or people who can never overcome the past and they are always suffering and dwelling on the past, so that is why I want to help you and give you a guide of love, a guide which can help you a lot in love relationships, I expect you to feel comfortable here and to help you to succeed in your love matters.

Why are relationships important?

It is very boring to be alone in life without friends and not to share anything with anybody, we were created with our inner life not to depend on others but to share with others and it is also unhealthful to selfishly just focus on yourself and not to share anything with other people so that is why it is very important to build solid and trustworthy relationships where you can learn a lot from people,  and share amazing stories and experiences, so we want to guide you in the process of creating good and healthful friendships and love relationships as I and my wife did, and ultimately through this you can find the true love of your life.


Flirting Right Or Wrong

All cases may apply to men or women so please don’t think that I am in favor of any gender, just read this and think whether it applies to you or not, I hope all this helps you to build healthy relationships in your life.

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Do not Spit in the Wind, The Free Willy Story

More than 10 years ago I was at my house and my mom is hanging out with her friend William who is very fond of having nice conversations, we always hang out at night, and have fun with the neighbors for we chatted and talked about the news, media and gossiping.

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Friends With Benefits 

When I was studying in the school I remember some friends that acted really as very close, they kissed, hugged and had very intimate contact, I was trying to understand why they did so

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