When I was single I remind that I went to take a walk to the park and what drew my attention most is that there were so gorgeous girls working out and jogging, Colombia my country is very known for the beauty of women specially in Medellin my city, so that day I knew Camila she was blond, skinny and with an good shape I talked to her for 30 minutes and realized that her mind was full of bin.

When I started interacting with more women just realized that interacting with smart and work hard women was more interesting than with just gossip girls, women who challenge me more to overcome myself everyday more I got enchanted and related more with them until I found the right one for me.

My conclusion is beauty is important and definitely you must like the other person to go to the next level but beauty should be mixed with intelligence, humility, responsibility, patience and perseverance, there are very few truly friends  and there is only one person who fits with you,  when you find her/him never let him/her go, tell me what is your definition of beauty and I am 100% sure that all of you think differently

Hey guys i leave you with this see you soon!!