The Truth About What Guys Really Think

Travelling Around Men Thoughts

How Do I Start My Trip?

There are different types of men around and they all think differently, ragardless of their race, colour skin, and culture;  if you are interested in understading us i tell you that it is possible but it takes some time to know deep, i advice you to spend more time than usual with males and analyze them more so that you can combine my conclusions with yours. Every men is a universe that you should start discovering with your friendship and interest.

I want to give you my personal tips about men:

– We like to be admired by women in what we do:

It feels awesome when we are playing a game and we win and girls tell us heyy that goal was good, good job!, we feel admired and we feel complete with that.

-We love when women are tenderness with us and feel that they like us:

In certain way when we are rude and a tenderness girl talk to us feels like she softens our hearts, and makes us smelt with her sweet mood, that even makes us miss her.

We like to have physical contact with women

I dont know if there is a chemical reaction when women touch us but i am sure and i just found out that touching is good for the healthy, i do not mean to direspect women, i mean normal physical touch like a hug or a kiss greeting, though many things like that depends on the culture of the country.