Is the friendship worth saving?

The thing you should do is to answer several questions and see how it goes, like how long have you had that friendship? what kind of intentions does your friend have with you? i am going to explain it this way, i had a very good friend which our friendship lasted around 5 years, but i saw that i didnt advance in life with that friend, i had some dreams and i couldn’t get them come true because of that friend, what did he do to leave me stock, the answers is that he was very negative  with me he was all the time saying what i couldn’t do instead of encouraging me, i saw that he had very bad intentions with me because he was envy of my life, when i break off that friend i got the dreams that i couldn’t get.

What was his/her mistake?

It is very important to see what kind of mistake the other person did, i think is OK to forgive the other person and tell her/him not to happen any more, because you are not a toy to play with, and for me it is very difficult to continue with a friend who cause big harm to my life.

Be strong

You have to be strong not matter what the other person did to you, you have to stay strong and never give up, and there is always i new way or path to follow and be happy, happiness is not a matter of who are your friend or where you are, it is a matter of living life good.

If it is worth saving then…

I think is important to talk to the other person about the problem and make sure that the other person knows that it will take time to patch and make everything like before, so talk to the other person in a respectful way and do not tell her/him the past again,. do not take very personal the problem and just try to focus on other things and while the time pass by everything will be healed.

Forgiving is not forgetting

Forgiving does no necessarily mean that everything will be wipe out intermediately and you will not remember enything, forgiving is just a decision that you know that you make,  forgiving is also remembering but with no pain.