My couple checks out other women

My couple checks out other women

Why does he do that?

The most common cause is that there are many attractive women walking around the streets and it is normal to feel attracted by other people, but what it is not OK is to desire someone who isn’t your couple because that is the start of unfaithfulness, because it begins with the thoughts, the thoughts become emotions and emotions become action.

What should i do if he really does look other women?

The first thing you should wonder is How do you know that? If it is because someone told you, or if it is because you saw it with your own eyes… If someone told you i think your relationship have a trust issue which you need to resolve first, and if it is because you saw him by yourself then you must start wondering why is he doing that? i am going to list you here some reasons

  1. When men have bad dudes who influence them to cheat.
  2. Are there any  troubles in your relationship and you’re just avoiding them?
  3. 48 % of men cheat because they are not emotionally satisfied.