Some people think Love is to be happy, but it is not. To be happy is part of loving. That is why we must understand that if you are happy is not necessarily because you love, but because there is something making you feels good. You must bear in mind that love never hurts anyone. However there is a great part of the population who says the contrary. What do you think about it?

It is easy to say that we love someone when everything is right in our lives and happiness embraces us, but would you be able to love anyone who hurt you?If your answer is yes, allow me to dare you to look that person directly into his/her eyes without feeling any guilt or anger,and then you will know what love is.To finish I would like to say “Love is to give all of yourself to someone or something, but try to give it to someone.”It is not a mystery that those who choose love over hatred live better and make better decisions in life.