love exist

Many People think that love is Unreal

Many people think that love does not exist but that is not the reality, every person of the world can experience love with no doubt, love must not be confused with sex, there are many persons who think that love is sex, but it is not true, love is action taking care of the other person and sex is like a branch of love depending on the moment where is at.

There are still signs in the world that shows that love exists,we can see old couples hanging out in the streets holding hands and seeing one onother as the first time, we can see that when a baby is born the face of the people shines and they wish to see the baby, science shows when a person see the picture of his/her love one it will cause chemical reactions in her/his brain.

There is no doubt that truely love exists i just showed you some signs but there are even more that you can see by yourself.