How to know that someone is flirting with you?

If you’re looking for your princess you must pay attention to the signals, since the body language speaks more than a thousand words. You must be wondering how that is. Let me tell you that despite women say about 16.000 words per day, they are not going to tell you that they like you. They simply try to call your attention by smiling at you in a very flirting and charming way, sometimes this signal is accompanied by a soft eyebrows lifting which makes her eyes open a little bit and when they do this they tend to look down. I have to tell you that sometimes is not easy to get these signals because we are afraid of being misinterpreting the situation.

If that happens to you, then try looking for more signals like for instance: if she waves her hair as well as her hands when talking to you and these signals are accompanied by the others mentioned above, then you have to take action into this possible new love story. How? Easy! try saying something like what beautiful eyes you have! If she smiles keep going and say, Wow! Your eyes are beautiful but your smile is marvelous and stop praising her right there and go on with the normal conversation. Next time you meet her, do not forget to make her feel important by paying attention to her when she speaks, remember she is the main character and that you are the secondary one.