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Why Couldn’t I Get Healthy Relationships

Today i was wondering what are healthy relationships and i remembered that like 5 years ago i didn’t have very good relationships (friends), specially, with girls so i wondered why, and i came to the conclusion that it was because i was very apathetic with them, and i was not interested in getting to know them, instead seeing them like an object, because when they came and talked to me i just saw their beauty and i didn’t mind what they said.

I was looking for a job  in 2011 and needed to make some money, and John a friend of mine recommended me to work in a company with British engineers in a Gold mine helping them to communicate with guys who only knew Spanish; i had a female boss,  and had a tremendous friendship and work experience in there, my boss and i worked really hard to achieve all the tasks, while working we became good friends and she made me questions about my life and I about her life, for example, one day we were in the outskirts of a town and went to eat something after work and my boss and all the work colleagues told me that i was someone with good appetite because that day i ate like a monster and we had a lot of fun; I realized how friendships really are and how to feed the friendship tree  in a way where friendship flows and this benefited me a lot with the future friends that would come.

I leave you here some tips which I learnt to have healthy relationships:

Fulfill what you say: If you say that you are going to do something just do it because this creates trust in other people.

Admit Your Mistakes And Be Honest: I had a very difficult problem Last week with a friend of mine because I said something that offended her in a group chat;  and she left the group chat and all the guys asked me to talk to her, I didn’t want to talk to her for my pride and I saw her on Saturday and I realized that what I did was wrong it can be ok for me but not for other people, I thought it was Ok because I was yoking ,But it hurt her,  i said sorry to her, for what I did and was honest to her and all of a sudden was OK …

Listen to your friends. Sometimes, all your friend wants is for you to lend an ear and be sympathetic about one of their problems. Other times, your friend wants you to actively give them advice. Know which one your friend is looking for, and try to give them what they want. Being a good listener is all about paying attention to what they’re saying and not blowing it off.

  • Listening to your friends will enhance your relationship in many ways. It will help you resolve differences without arguing; let you explore each other’s personality more deeply; and even help you pick out an awesome Christmas present. There are no downsides to listening.

These are some of my friends and at that time my girlfriend was my friend

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