When you like a girl it is amazing the feeling that you get, when i started to get to know my  girlfriend i became really excited and enjoyed  so much to spend time with her, because i felt amazing and wanted to always be with her,  but i didn’t know if she was interested in me, and girls tend to be really mysterious about their true feelings because they think that as men we need to take the first steps to initialize love relationships, sometimes i think that this is a feminist pride.

When i was trying to resolve the puzzle of the heart of my girl to see if she was interested in me, it was really difficult because she was really mysterious about her feelings and never told me anything, but she just gave me some signals and hints which i needed to study in order to see which steps to take and see if i could advance and talk to her, i am not stupid to tell a girl i am interested in her if she does not feel attracted to me or at least feel same thing, and this is what i work hard to discover.

Here, i leave you with some advices and analysis that i made when i was in the conquering stage with the girl who is my GF now:

Be smart and initiate a short conversations.

This will help you to learn those little stuffs that will come in normal day because the girls love knowing that someone actually listened to them and paid enough attention to remember those specific things about their lives. Pay attention and focus on the things she says so that you will have this for future reference. As you get to know one another, notice if she gives you any signs, particular words or body hints.

Does she pay attention to what you say?

She Listens to all your Words. Women love connecting on both physical and emotional ways. Then, if she goes on asking you personal things and actually listens carefully to all things that you say, you feel sure that she is truely interested in getting to know you better in all aspects of your life. I can tell you, if she likes you, she will silly laugh at your funny things no matter how stupid they are.

She gets close to you

When she is touching you while talking is a GREAT SIGN! If she finds several ways to have body contact with you or get close like catching your arm, she may like to feel you close to her and it is a good sign. BUT if she freely and comfortable touches you multiple times throughout our conversation she may want you to do somthing, The big differences in flirty touch vs. friendly touch are depending on the way she looks at you and how well you get to know one another, for example, when she touches you and you feel a special glance not a normal glance you surely know whichone i am talking about.