How Do Girls Think?

About beauty

Every day we are worried about how we look taking long hours in front of the mirror, we worry about seeing our clothing fitting perfectly to our bodies, and we feel it in the same way in our makeup and hairstyle. So if your girlfriend gets a little bit late, don’t get mad at her, just enjoy her natural beauty and be happy when she hangs out with you as beautiful as possible, because she just wants to look perfect for you.

The Way Women Want To Be Conquered

The time we are right now there are not very much gentlemen, there is not willing men to sacrifice to conquer women, that is why as truly women we must not get men used to doing anything, they must fight to conquer us and get us as a couple, being honest, tenderness, committed, respectful, and gentlemen.

What Women Hate About Men

These would be the main reasons we get mad at men, the guys who call themselves “men” who are manipulators and make themselves the victims to get what they want, we hate de machos who believe that they have more rights than women, we don’t like insecure men about themselves who don’t have a project for their lives. The worst man is the one who thinks is a Don Juan this type is the most proud and believes the marvel of the city.