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While walking in the streets I saw a girl who was crying so much and it made me curious then I  stop a while to see what happened and I got close to her and she said,” I hate him with all my heart!” I didn’t want to ask her anything because I felt like it wasn’t my business, so I remembered a friend of mine who recently ago told me she was in love with a man, and she was really happy with him. she decided to enter into a relationship with that guy and days later she breaks off with him,because she wasn’t the man he used to be.

All these situations concerned me because when someone is hurt normally hurts other people, I have read  about guys or women who become crazy because they had a relationship and the other person failed, or people who can never overcome the past and they are always suffering, so that is why I want to help you and give you a guide of love,  a guide which can help you a lot in love relationships, I expect you feel comfortable here and that you succeed in your love matters.

Why are relationships important?

It is very boring to be alone in life and not to share anything with anybody, and it is also unhealthful to just focus on yourself and not to share with other people so that is why it is very important to build solid and trustworthy relationships where you can learn a lot from people,  so I want to guide you in the process of creating good and healthful friendships and love relationships as I and my wife did.

My Latest Topics:

When Our Friends Get Into Trouble

Fithteen days ago, I was hanging out with a friend along with my wife, that day we ate chicken like crazy, my wife almost threw the chicken up to me, seven minutes later my cell phone was ringing and it was Melisa my friend, she asked us to meet up with her as soon as possible, we just wondered what is she getting into? We agreed to meet up after one hour.

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The Love That Never Ends
I see there are many people around the world wondering how love is, there are just some types of love:

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A Very Important Advice

Having a common sence with reference to “love matters” is really important, normally when we fall in love we become blind-folded and forget to see relevant details that may be regretful not to check out, as for instance making quick decisions related to love may bring you very painful experiences.

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What Matters Really Most

When I was single I remind that I went to take a walk to the park and what drew my attention most is that there were so gorgeous girls working out and jogging, Colombia my country is very known for the beauty of women specially in Medellin my city, so that day I knew Camila she was blond, skinny and with an good shape I talked to her for 30 minutes and realized that her mind was full of bin.

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Loving In Tough Times

Some people think Love is to be happy, but it is not. To be happy is part of loving. That is why we must understand that if you are happy is not necessarily because you love, but because there is something making you feels good. You must bear in mind that love never hurts anyone. However there is a great part of the population who says the contrary.

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How to know that someone is flirting with you?

If you’re looking for your princess you must pay attention to the signals, since the body language speaks more than a thousand words. You must be wondering how that is. Let me tell you that despite women say about 16.000 words per day, they are not going to tell you that they like you.

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Flirting Right Or Wrong

Everything you do depends on the situation if you have a boyfriend, flirting other guys is kind of disloyal and it will bring consequences that will cause harm to your love relationship. I know many guys who already have a girlfriend and I am witness when they check out other women and start flirting them and complimenting her with beautiful words, they are not loyal to their relationship.

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Do Not Spit In The Wind

More than 10 years ago I was at my house and my mom is hanging out with her friend William who is very fond of knowledge , we always  hanged out at night and have fun with the neighbors for example we chatted and talked about the news, media and gossiping.

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Friends With Benefits

When I was studying in the school I had some friends that acted really weird, they were friends and kissed, hugged and had very intimate contact, I was trying to understand why they did so, the best description for this is “friends with benefits”, I think the meaning of friends with benefits is to share a friendship with opposite sex and allow them to do things that only a BOYFRIEND or GIRLFRIEND can do.

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How Do I Know If A Girl Is Interested In Me

When you like a girl it is amazing the feeling that you get, when I started to get to know my  wife I became really excited and enjoyed  so much to spend time with her, because I felt amazing and wanted to always be with her,  but I didn’t know if she was interested in me, and girls tend to be really mysterious about their true feelings because they think that as men we need to take the first steps to initialize love relationships, sometimes I think that this is a feminist pride.

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How To Have Healthy Relationships

Today I was wondering what are healthy relationships and I remembered that like 5 years ago I didn’t have very good relationships (friends), specially, with girls so I wondered why, and I came to the conclusion that it was because i was very apathetic with them, and I was not interested in getting to know them, instead seeing them like an object, because when they came and talked to me i just saw their beauty and I didn’t mind what they said.

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How Do Girl Thinks

About beauty

Every day we are worried about how we look taking long hours in front of the mirror, we worry about seeing our clothing fitting perfectly to our bodies, and we feel it in the same way in our makeup and hairstyle. So if your girlfriend gets a little bit late, don’t get mad at her, just enjoy her natural beauty and be happy when she hangs out with you as beautiful as possible, because she just wants to look perfect for you.

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The Truth What Guys Really Think

There are different types of men around and they all think differently, ragardless of their race, colour skin, and culture;  if you are interested in understading us i tell you that it is possible but it takes some time to know deep, i advice you to spend more time than usual with males and analyze them more so that you can combine my conclusions with yours. Every men is a universe that you start discovering with your friendship and interest.

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Getting To Know One Another

If you want to know someone, you have to start with a friendship relationship and become the best friends where you show yourselves how you really are, and there is where you decide whether to have or not a relationship with that person, knowing her/his shortcomings, values, fears, skills, likes and dislikes in order to have a relationship with no secrets and a lot of trust.

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7 Secrets To Make A Man Love You

I have been analyzing this product for several times and i can see that the author really knows what He is talking about because he has studied the behavior of men,

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What Is Physical Love

I think physical love is when you feel attracted to opposite sex and you like the other person because you think is handsome or beautiful, this is not actually something bad but you can not get blindfolded just for that single reason, it is important to know more relevant areas of the other person because beauty will vanish at any time.

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My Couple Checks Out Other Women

Why does he do that?

The most common cause is that there are many attractive women walking around the streets and it is normal to feel attracted by other people, but what it is not OK is to desire someone who isn’t your couple because that is the start of unfaithfulness, because it begins with the thoughts, the thoughts become emotions and emotions become action.

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My Friend Cheated On Me

Is the friendship worth saving?

The thing you should do is to answer several questions and see how it goes, like how long have you had that friendship? what kind of intentions does your friend have with you? I am going to explain it this way, I had a very good friend which our friendship lasted around 5 years, but I saw that I didnt advance in life with that friend, I had some dreams and I couldn’t get them come true because of that friend, what did he do to leave me stock, the answers is that he was very negative  with me he was all the time saying what I couldn’t do instead of encouraging me, I saw that he

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Falling In Love

Many people think that romance and being in love is the same thing, But it is not really the same because when people is in the  romance stage,  they see everything perfect and marvelous; they don’t see beyond the reality of who the other person really is, they don’t pay attention to the warnings that the other person has in her/his character  which is like being blind.

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