Getting to know one another

How to get to know one another?

If you want to know someone, you have to start with a friendship relationship and become the best friends where you show yourselves how you really are, and there is where you decide whether to have or not a relationship with that person, knowing her/his shortcomings, values, fears, skills, likes and dislikes in order to have a relationship with no secrets and a lot of trust.

What if the other person does not want a friendship?

If the other person is not interested to start a friendship relationships with you, and only want a love relationship without getting to know one another, that is a mistake because everything will end bad; when the time goes by you will know things that you will no be happy to live with, you will see bad things that the other person had and the problems will rise and you may end up with a broken heart.

Hiding Who We Really Are

When we try to hide to our couple, the way we really are, She/he will no find trust in us because we are not being transparent and there will be a barrier between both of us.