Friends with benefits


When i was studying in the school i had some friends that acted really weird, they were friends and kissed, hugged and had very intimate contact, i was trying to understand why they did so, the best description for this is “friends with benefits”, i think the meaning of friends with benefits is to share a friendship with opposite sex and allow them to do things that only a BOYFRIEND or GIRLFRIEND can do.

How do friends with benefits start?

I had a very good friend(boy) who taught me many things about girls and about the experiences that he had, when i hang out with him he always liked to have girl friends because that was his nature, i knew him in the school, and he acted with women very gentle and always said to girls “I only want to be your friend”, but when he talked to the girls he always complimented them and  acted with them in a conquering manner and the ladies always ended up having any affair with him, like kissing, hugging sleeping together and even sex, one of the things that i saw is that his friendships with the girls always finished in a very bad manner, because either he got in love with the girls or the girls got in love with him, and all ended up hating one another. I had many doubts about his friendships because he always wanted to have very beautiful girls and never hang out with the ugly ones, and in friends with benefits what works is to be close to just to people who attracts us physically.

Is friends with benefits a mistake?

I think it is a mistake because the heart of the other person can be attached to yours and if you don’t want something serious, the other person may be hurt and there will be uncomfortable issues occurring in your life that you will later on regret, I know people who says,” friends with benefits is OK just for fun”, but my conclusion is that it is like having fun with fire, sooner or later you will burn.

Intimate physical contact has tremendous effects in our emotions

There is a girl that is call,”Mary” she used to play a lot with a guy and have fun (friends with benefits), i remember that she was a very dry girl because she never express her feelings and acted really cold with guys, she always said,”i will never evolve my emotions with any men”, and in January 2013 the guy she used to have fun with, started dating other girl, and Mary talked to me that she was really sad and she didn’t know why, she drunk a lot of liquor and got kind of crazy, it took like a year to recover, here i realized that the physical is connected to the emotional, and having fun with no boundaries is very dangerous for our emotional healthy.