My Honey Moon


Today I was just reminding my honey moon,it was an amazing story,  I even have some pictures to share with you, I got married in June the 6th 2015, it was one of the greatest days of my life, and the start of many amazing stories to live, when we  were planning to get married we had a very low budget to invest and we were looking for a good and a cheap place for our honey moon. Even though the search was difficult, My wife was searching on the internet and found what we were looking for, it was a good and cheap place called “Rio Escondido” in English is “hidden river” look at this pictures and tell me if it is not beautiful.

You should be wondering how much we would pay for this, it was so cheap guys, I just paid 200 US dollars for both of us and everything included for 5 days, I imagine for you guys might be cheaper even than for me, this place is located in San Jeronimo antioquia.

We took a bus from Medellin to there, when we got to San Jeronimo town, we took a moto taxi that took us to Rio Escondido in ten minutes,


The first thing I noticed when I got in there was a great diversity of animals, I saw from ducks to frogs, and from serpents to great landscapes, all these things made the place perfect to start a good adventure, though to be honest I expected tourist guides taking us around more often, but the walk has to be done by you,


When the bellboy took us to our room, I just kind of wow!!, because the room was big and confortable, and apart from that included television with cable, the place was [...]

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Be Careful Who You Walk With

Be Careful Who You Walk With

When Our Friends Get Into Trouble

Fithteen days ago, I was hanging out with a friend along with my wife, that day we ate chicken like crazy, my wife almost threw the chicken up to me, seven minutes later my cell phone was ringing and it was Melisa my friend, she asked us to meet up with her as soon as possible, we just wondered what is she getting into? We agreed to meet up after one hour.

Oh My Godsh We Never Thought She Got Into This!! Be Careful Who You Walk With

Once we met up with her, we invited her to go up to our home, she started telling us her story, she started dating a guy who is a doctor and he is married, she knew him when he went to check out her grandfather, they started to get along very well, even though she knew he had a wife and a daughter, she continued dating him for some time and had sex with him. One day he introduced his best friend to Melissa, the doctor told Melissa that he was leaving for a business trip, she started dating his best friend, Melissa hid to him that she dated the doctor, like everything come to light the guy realized that she was dating his best friend, from that time on, the issues had already  started,  finally the guy also told the truth to Melisa and told her that he was on the mob, for this reason Melisa got scared but did not tell anything to the guy for she knew that he would manipulate her if he realizes of this.

The Best Friends Became The Worst Enemies – [...]

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The Love That Never Ends

I see there are many people around the world wondering how love is, there are just some types of love:

True Love: true love is the pure feeling of taking care of somebody, feeding him/her, meeting the needs of the other person instead of ones needs.

Fake Love: This typical love is when you see that a guy appears from nothing, he says that he loves you or she says that she loves you and you do not even know her/him, I think true love is tested by many circumstances and like the bible says,”4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” All of these are the fruits of true love, if you see that a guy or a girl has this fruits in her/his inside then that is a good signal that you should consider precious.

When a guy really wants to keep you and take care of you not hurrying up to touch you, or to have sex with you, instead he worries mostly to see you advance in life, to see how you grow in knowledge and go ahead day by day, I think this is the start what may measure truely love.

When a girl is kind with you and treats you like you deserve with respect and confidence in you, when she encourages you to continue and look forward the best things for you, not criticizing you all the time, not always pointing [...]

A Very Important Advice

Good day for everyone!!

Having a common sence with reference to “love matters” is really important, normally when we fall in love we become blind-folded and forget to see relevant details that may be regretful not to check out, as for instance making quick decisions related to love may bring you very painful experiences.

I have a close relative which seems to me made a very quick decision, she knew a guy on facebook who was from another country they started talking for a very short period of time and the guy decided to come to our country, they met and on the second day of knowing one another in person they became girlfriend and boyfriend, I have noticed that they do not know one another very much and they just move by what they feel, personally I do not recommend these kinds of relationships.

Love is patience and takes time to develop not based on just feelings or beauty, truely relationships start with truely friendships that leads the couple later to move to the next step “love”.

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What Matters Really Most

When I was single I remind that I went to take a walk to the park and what drew my attention most is that there were so gorgeous girls working out and jogging, Colombia my country is very known for the beauty of women specially in Medellin my city, so that day I knew Camila she was blond, skinny and with an good shape I talked to her for 30 minutes and realized that her mind was full of bin.

When I started interacting with more women just realized that interacting with smart and work hard women was more interesting than with just gossip girls, women who challenge me more to overcome myself everyday more I got enchanted and related more with them until I found the right one for me.

My conclusion is beauty is important and definitely you must like the other person to go to the next level but beauty should be mixed with intelligence, humility, responsibility, patience and perseverance, there are very few truly friends  and there is only one person who fits with you,  when you find her/him never let him/her go, tell me what is your definition of beauty and I am 100% sure that all of you think differently

Hey guys i leave you with this see you soon!!


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Loving in tough times

Some people think Love is to be happy, but it is not. To be happy is part of loving. That is why we must understand that if you are happy is not necessarily because you love, but because there is something making you feels good. You must bear in mind that love never hurts anyone. However there is a great part of the population who says the contrary. What do you think about it?

It is easy to say that we love someone when everything is right in our lives and happiness embraces us, but would you be able to love anyone who hurt you?If your answer is yes, allow me to dare you to look that person directly into his/her eyes without feeling any guilt or anger,and then you will know what love is.To finish I would like to say “Love is to give all of yourself to someone or something, but try to give it to someone.”It is not a mystery that those who choose love over hatred live better and make better decisions in life.

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How to know that someone is flirting with you?

How to know that someone is flirting with you?

If you’re looking for your princess you must pay attention to the signals, since the body language speaks more than a thousand words. You must be wondering how that is. Let me tell you that despite women say about 16.000 words per day, they are not going to tell you that they like you. They simply try to call your attention by smiling at you in a very flirting and charming way, sometimes this signal is accompanied by a soft eyebrows lifting which makes her eyes open a little bit and when they do this they tend to look down. I have to tell you that sometimes is not easy to get these signals because we are afraid of being misinterpreting the situation.

If that happens to you, then try looking for more signals like for instance: if she waves her hair as well as her hands when talking to you and these signals are accompanied by the others mentioned above, then you have to take action into this possible new love story. How? Easy! try saying something like what beautiful eyes you have! If she smiles keep going and say, Wow! Your eyes are beautiful but your smile is marvelous and stop praising her right there and go on with the normal conversation. Next time you meet her, do not forget to make her feel important by paying attention to her when she speaks, remember she is the main character and that you are the secondary one.

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Romance vs being in love

Many people think that romance and being in love is the same thing, But it is not really the same because when people is in the  romance stage,  they see everything perfect and marvelous; they don’t see beyond the reality of who the other person really is, they don’t pay attention to the warnings that the other person has in her/his character  which is like being blind.

Being in love with a person is not to be blindfolded, but  instead to know the reality and still being in love, with shortcomings and weaknesses of the other person, but that does not mean that we accept any mistreat or inadequate treat of the other person.

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love exist

love exist
Many People think that love is Unreal
Many people think that love does not exist but that is not the reality, every person of the world can experience love with no doubt, love must not be confused with sex, there are many persons who think that love is sex, but it is not true, love is action taking care of the other person and sex is like a branch of love depending on the moment where is at.

There are still signs in the world that shows that love exists,we can see old couples hanging out in the streets holding hands and seeing one onother as the first time, we can see that when a baby is born the face of the people shines and they wish to see the baby, science shows when a person see the picture of his/her love one it will cause chemical reactions in her/his brain.

There is no doubt that truely love exists i just showed you some signs but there are even more that you can see by yourself.


Is the friendship worth saving?
The thing you should do is to answer several questions and see how it goes, like how long have you had that friendship? what kind of intentions does your friend have with you? i am going to explain it this way, i had a very good friend which our friendship lasted around 5 years, but i saw that i didnt advance in life with that friend, i had some dreams and i couldn’t get them come true because of that friend, what did he do to leave me stock, the answers is that he was very negative  with me he was all the time saying what i couldn’t do instead of encouraging me, i saw that he had very bad intentions with me because he was envy of my life, when i break off that friend i got the dreams that i couldn’t get.
What was his/her mistake?
It is very important to see what kind of mistake the other person did, i think is OK to forgive the other person and tell her/him not to happen any more, because you are not a toy to play with, and for me it is very difficult to continue with a friend who cause big harm to my life.
Be strong
You have to be strong not matter what the other person did to you, you have to stay strong and never give up, and there is always i new way or path to follow and be happy, happiness is not a matter of who are your friend or where you are, it is a matter of living life good.
If [...]