Be Careful Who You Walk With

When Our Friends Get Into Trouble

Fithteen days ago, I was hanging out with a friend along with my wife, that day we ate chicken like crazy, my wife almost threw the chicken up to me, seven minutes later my cell phone was ringing and it was Melisa my friend, she asked us to meet up with her as soon as possible, we just wondered what is she getting into? We agreed to meet up after one hour.

Oh My Godsh We Never Thought She Got Into This!! Be Careful Who You Walk With

Once we met up with her, we invited her to go up to our home, she started telling us her story, she started dating a guy who is a doctor and he is married, she knew him when he went to check out her grandfather, they started to get along very well, even though she knew he had a wife and a daughter, she continued dating him for some time and had sex with him. One day he introduced his best friend to Melissa, the doctor told Melissa that he was leaving for a business trip, she started dating his best friend, Melissa hid to him that she dated the doctor, like everything come to light the guy realized that she was dating his best friend, from that time on, the issues had already  started,  finally the guy also told the truth to Melisa and told her that he was on the mob, for this reason Melisa got scared but did not tell anything to the guy for she knew that he would manipulate her if he realizes of this.

The Best Friends Became The Worst Enemies – Be Careful Who You Walk With

Not only the friendship of those two guys was broken but also they both hated Melissa, the doctor thought Melisa would be a just a normal story in his life but actually he ended having love ties with her, they both realized that Melisa was playing with  them at the same time, for they continued talking and told all the things that they shared to Melisa, sometimes the mob guy wanted to kill the doctor, as the doctor knew how his friend was, when his friend wanted to meet with him, he preferred just to chat with him and never meet him,  Melisa realized I think too late all of these things but finally she decided to go with the mob guy,  even though she said that she loved the doctor, she felt this was the right thing, right away the mob guy is obsessed with Melissa and she does not know what to do, for if she leave him he could kill her.

Even though I Do Not Know How This Story Will end
I simply would say, “Do not play with fire for sooner or later you will burn”, we need to learn the lessons of our bad actions and accept the consequences, and most importantly never fall into the same hole again.