Good day for everyone!!

Having a common sence with reference to “love matters” is really important, normally when we fall in love we become blind-folded and forget to see relevant details that may be regretful not to check out, as for instance making quick decisions related to love may bring you very painful experiences.

I have a close relative which seems to me made a very quick decision, she knew a guy on facebook who was from another country they started talking for a very short period of time and the guy decided to come to our country, they met and on the second day of knowing one another in person they became girlfriend and boyfriend, I have noticed that they do not know one another very much and they just move by what they feel, personally I do not recommend these kinds of relationships.

Love is patience and takes time to develop not based on┬ájust feelings or beauty, truely relationships start with truely friendships that leads the couple later to move to the next step “love”.