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While walking in the streets i saw a girl who was crying and crying then i decided to stop a moment and i got close to her and what i heard from her words was a complaint about what an X guy did to her, so i remembered a friend of mine who recently ago told me she was in love with a man, and she was really happy with him. she decided to enter into a relationship with that guy and days later she break off with him.

All these situations started to concern me because when someone is hurt normally hurts other people, i have read  about guys or women who become killers because they had a relationship and the other person failed or people who can never overcome the past and they always live suffering, so that is why i want to help you and give you a guide of love and a guide which can help you a lot in love relationships, i expect you feel comfortable here and that you succeed in all you do.

I am also very concerned that nowadays couples, are allowing troubles and tough circumstances enter into their relationships and affect it, and even i can see how they start thinking about getting divorced. I can see a lot in the street how men allow the beauty of other women enter into their heart and they allow beauty to defeat principles, and they just do not take care of their wives, and also i can see women being very fragile with man, and allow them to flirt them while they are in a relationship.

Why are relationships important?

It is very boring to be alone in life and not to share anything with anybody, and it is also unhealthful to just focus on yourself and not to share with other people so that is why it is very important to build solid and trustworthy relationships where you can learn a lot from people,  so i want to guide you in the process of creating good and healthful friendships and love relationships as i did.

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I am alone and want a relationship but i can’t

Well, at this time in your life you consider that you want a relationship and you  wish to get to know someone and you don’t have many relationships right now, you dont have any friends and you want to know how to surround and be part of a group of people, we will guide you here.

I am alone but i don’t want a relationship right now.

Couples like you share their marriage wisdom. We asked readers to share the best marriage advice they ever received.

I am married

Marriage is one of the most difficult matters to handle in real life, because spending time with a person most of the time for many people is just complicated  and tiring, we want to show you the path to calm down everything and just be happy with the person you are with.

I have a girlfriend – I have a boyfriend.

The idea of this topic is to put into practice some good advice which i have discovered in my personal relationship with my girlfriend and others that i have taken from other couples in order to improve your relationship,  i think this will really help you.

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